For the wood worker in your life this mask is a classic!  Wood grain on one side and your choice of either black or blue denim.  We carefully craft these so that they are light weight and comfortable.

100% Cotton

Reversible; Breathable; Polypropylene lining filters particulates so this can be used in the woodshop and while mowing the grass.  Washable.


Woodshop On Denim

Solid Color Options
  • These are warm water washable (in the sink/shower/washing machine). Roll it in a towel then press flat with your hands and use the strap to hang it and drip dry.  

    If you have to you can put it in the dryer.  If you over dry it it will wrinkle (it's cotton).  

    CAUTION: If you use a iron you MUST use a press cloth (a clean wash cloth works).  

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