All of our Childrens masks come with ear loops in addition to a standard lanyard.   We make these in two sizes, 3-6 year olds and 7 to 12 year olds.    The lanyard is very useful because when they pull the mask off it falls to their chest instead of the floor.   (Hand crafted by a mother of four boys)


All of our childrens masks are custom made by back cutting what we have in stock.  To order  just let us know the two colors you would like from our standard stock of fabrics.   As an example:  Airplane on Black, Brown and Green, or Airplane with Brown.  Dragon Fly on Black. 

Custom Mask Children

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  • All of our fabrics are prewashed and dried then ironed.   The masks are warm water washable (in the sink/shower/washing machine). To extend the life of your mask roll it in a towel then press flat with your hands. The lanyard strap makes it easy to hang to drip dry.  

    Over time your mask will become softer and even more comfortable. Fabric softener makes cotton non absorbent so don't use this with any mask.

    Putting your new mask it in the dryer for a few minutes works fine.  If you over dry cotton it wrinkles.    To get rid of the wrinkles get it wet and see the paragraph above.

    CAUTION: If you use a iron you MUST use a press cloth (a clean wash cloth works).  

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