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Modern Masks: Common Sense Design

My Grandma always told me that common sense was rare.

Our built in polypropylene liners for droplet protection is our common sense approach to spreading love everywhere.

When someone in your life is immune compromised the quest for adding a 10% improvement to outcomes matters.

It is just common sense.

Common sense steps for wellness include a good diet, rest, water, cleanliness, laughter, communication, following the guidelines the doctors provide, and now in 2020 -- polypropylene built into your mask.

Our masks benefit both those who are immune compromised and those who are well and want to stay that way. We have made over a thousand masks and our requirements became more demanding over time. Each mask is fully reversible.

Modern Masks

When you put it on, it should stay on.

When it is off, it should be easy to get it back on. It should hang around your neck on a lanyard. The mask should be washable to save our landfills.

Use natural fibers to absorb moisture and particles. It must be waterproof (polypropylene).

It must be breathable. It should be comfortable to wear. It should not leak air and fog up your glasses.

It should be soft on the nose and comfortable.

Our reversible mask design addresses these common sense items.

Try one of ours; be pleasantly surprised.

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